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My Journey

As a child, I was naturally very intuitive. One of my Grandma’s earliest memories of me is in the garden, insisting on being barefoot and covered in mud, gazing deeply at the colours and energy fields around flowers.


My Grandma was a huge influence in my life. A gifted herbalist, she was a free and creative spirit, who lived in the countryside and taught me about nature and all living things. She was known for her potions. I would spend all my school holidays with her, immersed in the natural world.


This way of being, however, did not work in the ‘modern world’. I remember aged 8, arguing with my childhood best friend, for pulling a branch off a tree and not apologising for hurting the tree’s feelings. I was ridiculed and bullied by the other children and soon after this, I shut down and disconnected.


Trying to fit into the ‘modern world’, I studied English and Journalism at De Montfort, University, Leicester. I worked in the corporate sector for over 10 years, climbing the ladder, working in International Relocation for an American company. I was ‘successful’. I managed a large team throughout Europe, and I travelled often. I was the typical ‘highflyer’.


However, I was also deeply unhappy, working ludicrous hours and not looking after myself. I was exhausted, stressed, anxious and overloaded. I ignored all the signs, until it led to chronic burnout. My adrenals were ruined, and I was severely depressed. The rat race had crushed my spirit. No matter what I did, it was never enough. 


My body was destroyed from years of restrictive eating, dieting and stress. I had created a hormonal imbalance, my periods stopped, I developed thyroid issues and psoriasis all over my body. Additionally, I was a in a narcistic relationship and finally, I broke.


I had a breakdown.

Suicidal, I hit my lowest point. I did not want to be here anymore. I gave up, on life and myself.


My ‘breakdown’ was my ‘breakthrough’ AND my spiritual awakening. My life was falling apart around me, and I was questioning everything! Then, my intuitive gifts started to reopen. It was overwhelming, intense, isolating and scary.


Lost, my Grandma guided me back to my connection with nature.  The natural world, for me, has always been my safe space. I took time out.  I went on long walks, I meditated. I prayed. I went within.


I decided to study, to learn and to rebuild my life. I studied Reiki and various healing modalities. I completed a 2 year, 'Integrated Healing Diploma', at The London College of Psychic Studies. I mentored with established Spiritual Leaders. I opened to my calling. I stopped fighting my path.


I was being given a fast track in the ‘School of Life’.

I now knew my purpose, but I also needed to do my own, deep healing.


It was at this point, I decided to go to Peru, to travel South America. As a child, I’d always told my Grandma I would go to the mountains, that they would call me, and they did.


I needed to be immersed in nature, to continue to heal. It was nature that held me, as I sat with myself, in my darkest places.


I stopped running. I had layers of trauma to unravel, from years of narcistic abuse, dysfunctional family dynamics, low self-worth, the wounded child, trauma bonding, self-abandonment, as well as my relationship with my body, heartache, and grief.


It was painful, holding myself at rock bottom, in my most raw & tender moments.

I believe nature is the greatest healer.

Nature expects nothing of you and accepts you as you are. It is alive and restores life.


Discovering strength, I never knew I had. I surrendered. I took responsibility for my life. I faced my shadows.


I rebuilt my entire life from scratch again.


Now, I am a powerful woman.

I love who I am.

I accept who I am.


I am not perfect, nor do I claim to be, but I show up.


This is why, I am here, to guide you on your journey.

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