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"Nature is not a place to visit, it is home" Gary Snyder

Sarah Turner, Teacher

“When I first came to see Jade, I was very sceptical to see if Reiki would work. I found the session extremely relaxing, insightful, and fulfilling. Jade’s energy has a warm uplifting glow. I could feel this energy during the session and for days afterwards. Jade is extremely knowledgeable and passionate about healing. I have highly recommended Jade to both family and friends. Thank you.”

Ingrid, Yoga Teacher

“Jade has wonderful, open, and healing energy. I felt I needed some aligning and support, to let go of things and to move forward. Jade is a great listener, giving positive support and encouragement. The session was very relaxing and nurturing. I am so happy I came across her in my path” 

Jacqueline Conway, Relocation Manager

 “Jade gave me a healing when I was going through a bad patch with my own mental wellbeing. Not only could I feel every bit of power through the energy she was giving to me,  but she gave me strength within myself, to really set myself free from limitations, and allowed me to be able to believe in my own capabilities. Jade managed to get messages through to me that no one would have ever known about. She comforted my mind, body and soul. I felt a wave of emotion being released through me and felt more grounded, to myself and my core. To be thankful would never be enough words for the gratitude I have to Jade,, and the gratitude I have to myself and my life. It truly is a life changing experience, if you open to the journey. Jade is an angel on this planet”.

Jo Williams, University Lecturer

“A colleague suggested I try a session with Jade.  I was in the process of moving and feeling quite stressed, and although I did not know much about this practice, I decided to give it a go.  I was surprised both by how relaxing it was, but also how healing and restorative and for days after, and I was in a more positive mindset.  Jade was professional, warm, and caring, and the whole experience most enjoyable.  Its longer-term benefits were more surprising and I would wholeheartedly recommend Jade.”

Nidhi Hasan, Investment Banker

“When I first came to see Jade, I was on a long, hard 5 year journey to conceive. IVF had failed and I was feeling lost, desperate and low. Jade was an absolute blessing in my life, her healing lifted me, I felt the love pour from her.  We had a series of 4 sessions and Jade helped me change my perspective and 'find me' again. After 4 sessions, I naturally fell pregnant and gave birth to a baby boy. Jade is incredible. She has changed my life”

Kristina Dale, Mum

“I have had two energy healing sessions with Jade so far. Before each session. I felt unbalanced, opaque, disconnected, and emotionally blocked. This was impacting my daily life. After my first session with Jade, I felt so enlightened, clear and connected with the Earth again. During difficult times, I had a session with Jade over the telephone. I was unsure how this would work but positive I would get the benefit because of the amazing first experience, which led me to trust Jade and her healing. The session over the phone was amazing. I felt happy, free and myself again, connected to Mother nature and my spiritual self. I would highly recommend Jade; she is professional and very warming. Her energy is very in tune with her spirituality and her work is very spot on. Jade was able to identify what it was I needed most and create a big positive shift, making me feel great. I’ll definitely be using Jade regularly.”

Delia Roughly, Kinesiologist

“Jade is a delight. She is kind compassionate and calming. Her focus is on providing the best and most appropriate treatment, with particular attention to the needs of each individual. Her session with me was relaxing, calming, nurturing, and balancing. I look forward to my next"

Barbara Ann Rogers, Aromatherapist

“I had a wonderful treatment with Jade where she helped me to experience and enjoy energy healing for the first time. I was amazed that I could achieve a deep relaxation and feel the warmth and energy in and around me, as I laid comfortably in my own home, with Jade guiding me and sending me energy healing. I'd recommend it. I was sceptical as to how it would work virtually but it did!”

Carla Brody, Florist

“I had the most wonderful experience with Jade! I was feeling a little down and out of sorts with myself and saw Jade to help me get grounded again. As well as helping me bring back to myself and helping me take a little time for me, she also helped me identify an underlying health issue that I have since had treated. Every time I went to see her she was so lovely and gentle, she listened to my body and my needs , to give me the best possible treatment. Could not recommend Jade enough.”

Samantha Trinder, Bingham Riverside

“My session with Jade was really profound. Her manner relaxed me into the session. While my mind was racing, her encouragement led me into a really deep state of relaxation. I felt energy move very intensely at certain points, and felt I was really journeying into different realms at times. I was really stressed and contracted before the session, I felt like she cleared so much away and really shifted me into a new state of mind and being. Her feedback after the session was really spot on. She is a very intuitive and gifted healer”.   

Dr. Donna Summer

“As soon as I met Jade, I knew she was the person I could trust with my healing journey. Warm, empathic, and professional, she immediately put me at ease. I had a shoulder issue which I felt had something metaphysical to it, that I felt needed shifting. In the first session an unexpected and deeply buried insight was revealed, that not only allowed greater understanding of some aspects of my life , but also by recognising them, it allowed the process of healing. My shoulder also showed signs of easing. In the second session, I experienced a deep sense of safety and calm, something I feel I have lacked for much of my life. Jade’s unassuming and gentle manner beautifully complements her strength and exceptional skills. If you are ready to start a profound healing journey, I would highly recommend starting with Jade’s gift and guidance”

Jane Patrick, Business Owner

“I just wanted to thank you endlessly for the healing. Before I came to see you, I wasn’t feeling myself. Since our sessions I’ve been back to my happy self! I’ve been noticing the good in things rather than the negatives. Also, you made me feel super relaxed, and that was exactly what I needed. Looking forward to our next session!”

Paul Burrows, Muscian

“Jade is a truly blessed healer.

Two particular sessions have stuck in my mind and are the reason I have Jade as one of my go-to healers. At the time of one of these sessions I was feeling drained and overwhelmed by life, I wasn’t sure where to go next, what road to take, what decision was best for me. One of them times in life. Jade tuned in and gave me the steps to take, to reclaim my power.

On another occasion I was dealing with a painful breakup, one I didn’t want to happen but knew that it was the right decision for me. I was in a very dark place, I felt the weight of the world on me, I felt consumed by darkness and heaviness, I was run down, and desperate to feel better. 

I reached out to Jade and booked in a healing session. 

During the session I had visions of thick black light/smoke flowing from my chest. Rising up, being released. 

During our chat afterwards Jade said that she felt the pain I was experiencing in my heart and she had had visions of pulling lumps of dark matter, like coal from my heart. We had obviously connected deeply. 

I immediately felt relief from the pressure on my heart. It was a special session for sure. 

This is why Jade is a superstar. Her ability to connect and truly see what is going on inside is a true and special gift.”

Sonia Lane, Business Owner

“I’ve now has 2 healing sessions with Jade and would highly recommend. I found the experience very relaxing and calming. After each session, I have had an amazing night’s sleep and felt very relaxed, throughout and after each session. Jade is so passionate and puts 110% into every session. Thank you, Jade!”

Kirsty Cooper, Nurse

“I went for a session with Jade as I was interested to see what it offered, having never experienced it before. I found the experience very relaxing and would definitely do it again and highly recommend to others. Jade has a very calming effect. Thank you so much, can’t wait for my next session”

Barbara Fitzpatrick, Business Owner.

“Jade is an amazing therapist. I had my first experience, was amazing, so relaxing. Jade is so calm and creates peace. I highly recommend a session”
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