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Nature restores our natural balance, our natural state. Nature is not a place to visit, it is home" Gary Snyder

Energy Healing and Reiki

"A healing technique based on the principle that the therapist can channel energy into the patient by means of touch, to activate the natural healing processes of the patient’s body and restore physical and emotional well-being”. Oxford English Dictionary

Energy healing is a technique to reduce stress and promote deep relaxation via energy being given to the recipient. It is deeply transformative and helps create mindfulness and inner peace, supporting your wellbeing.

Energy healing holds you in a place of pure, unconditional love and helps to awaken your light body, connecting you to your inner divinity and pure love. It is a safe, nurturing space where you feel love, support, and peace within.

If your body has a cut, you do not question how your body will heal, as you trust your body will know what to do. However, if there is dis-harmony in the body or energy blockages, created by emotional trauma, stress and life events, then the energy flow slows down and our life force drains. Energy healing gently clears blockages, lifting what no longer serves you. It will help you feel lighter, energised and can help manage pain. Our immune system is our innate healing system, and healing helps support a healthy immune system.

It is widely recognised by the NHS and is a great compliment to more orthodox treatments.

All modalities of energy healing are safe for children, animals, the elderly, and pregnant women. It can help everyone.


The word Reiki is comprised of two Japanese words. 'Rei' translates to 'Spiritual Wisdom' 'Higher Power'. This is our connection to consciousness and the divine, it is the wisdom from the 'higher self' and will always know how to serve your highest good.

'Ki' means 'Life Force Energy'. 'Ki' is your life force energy. We are all made of energy, to give 'life'. Therefore, if your 'life force energy' is low you will feel tired and susceptible to illness.

'Spiritually Guided Life Force Energy' is intelligent energy that deals with the root cause of the problem, not just the symptoms, working on your mental, physical and spiritual level to instil a sense of peace and inner calm, melting your stress away. Your body has all it needs to be healthy and heal. Energy healing helps facilitate your body’s natural healing, by bringing your body into its natural state.

Precious Wisdom and Angelic Energy Healing:

Precious Wisdom (™) is a divine channelled healing system, gifted to the world through Alexandra Wenman, by the Archangel Metatron, Lord Melchizedek, and the Councils of Light, to assist us in awakening to our true power. The power of love. This beautiful healing is the energetic gift of Spiritual Alchemy delivered in the form of ancient sacred symbols and the universal golden ray of Lord Melchizedek.

Precious Wisdom is sacred alchemy. It is a deep inner process that transmutes baser aspects of self, for example, worry, stress and negativity, allowing you to connect to the ‘gold’ of your true nature and divinity.


Group Distant Healing and Channelled Meditation Experience

Every month, I offer a group distant healing meditation and energy healing online.

Meditations are a powerful way to still the mind and help you relax. They are also a powerful way to connect to your subconscious and intuition via our imagination. 95% of our mind is unconscious and healing meditations are a great resource, to allow you to tap into your unconscious mind, and open you to your own inner wisdom.

What to expect:

Each month, I tune in for guidance and the meditation and distant healing is channelled with a high healing frequency, that helps your wellbeing and holds you in a healing energy field for your highest good.

They are held in the evening and the invitation is to make yourself some cacao, if you’d like and lie somewhere you can relax to receive the healing.

There are limited numbers each month, and they are very popular, as they are all unique and very powerful.

If you are unable to make the time, but would still like to take part, set the intention to receive the healing at a time that works for you.

The group healings are fantastic at making healing available for all.

To book: please email: for the payment link and you will be sent the zoom invitation once you’ve made your payment.

Future dates:

Thursday 19th October 8pm approx. 75 mins

Thursday 16th October 8pm approx. 75 mins

Please note, I recommend that if you are really struggling, you come for a 121 session, tailored to support your individual needs. 


Distant Healing

Distant healing is very powerful and works via intention. Distant healing is when energy is intentionally 'sent' across time and space via ‘energy waves’. The healer is simply channelling universal life force energy into your energy field via positive intention.

One way to understand distant healing, is to think in terms of electricity. Electricity is generated in the power station and then electricity is sent to homes via power lines. You can also think of it a bit like ‘Bluetooth’, sending signals between mobiles.

Quantum science now proves that matter is 99.99% empty space and in that ‘empty space’ is energy. Essentially, everything is energy and matter is essentially crystalized energy. This means, our bodies are made of energy that is continuously vibrating at different speeds, giving, and receiving energy via energy waves and healing is sent across these energy waves.

There is nothing you need to do to prepare for a distant healing session, we will arrange a date and time and that works for you and then set up a zoom call.

For the healing, lay down somewhere quiet, set your intention to receive the healing for your highest good and relax.

It is recommended to have quiet space, after the healing has taken place. This allows your body to integrate the healing and feel the full benefits.

Drinking water is also recommended to help cleanse and hydrate the body. After the healing, you’ll be provided with feedback and insight.

Oracle Card Readings

Oracle cards are a great divination tool that connect with the intuitive channel and help give some insight into what’s going on in your life. During a reading, I focus on what’s going on now, what needs to be focused on and the outcome plus any additional insights and information that comes through. I set the intention to work with Source, your Guides and Higher Self to get an overview of your life and the steps to help you move forward. They are a beautiful way to look at life from a different perspective and really compliment a healing session.

Please note that while I read tarot, I do not offer tarot readings.

Spiritual Mentoring and building your Spiritual Self

Having a spiritual awakening and opening more to your intuition, can be scary and sometimes, a little overwhelming. As your perspective changes, your channels open and you may not be able to control all of this, or even relate to the world in the same way and this is okay.

We are supposed to change, the soul’s purpose is to evolve and grow, aligning with the natural symmetry of who we are.

All we need we have within. We have unlimited potential, and we can create the life we desire.

By connecting with your inner most being, your higher self, your divine spark, you follow your natural symmetry. You become aligned, mind body and spirit, leading a life of your true calling. Developing your ‘Spiritual Self’ creates rapid, transformational  changes in your life.

Spiritual mentoring involves taking an overview of you as a whole, your light, physical and energetic body and finding out what is out of alignment and the practical steps to correct this. It involves learning how to work with your different channels and finding your place of ‘neutral’ being in control of your mind, and not the other way around. Allowing your ego and emotional body to develop, understanding how to take guidance from your soul and Higher Self.

It involves energy healing, alchemy, work on the quantum field, identifying your purpose and vision and empowering you. It is bespoke for each person and their individual needs. It is a process of inner discovery we take together.

Quantum Field Work

Quantum field work, is high energy work, it is your entire field of creation. I love it! The quantum field is complex. It has it’s own life and set of rules. Your Higher Self navigates your quantum field on your behalf, and work at this level is powerful and has a ripple effect.

Quantum field work may include,  ancestral clearing, including releasing trauma and distortions,  soul contracts, past lives, parallel lives, soul fragments and soul retrieval, work on your soul group,  working with ‘future self’, manifesting and connecting with Higher Self, for insight on your next steps in your journey.

It is great for clearing anything blocking your path, as you manifest the life you’re trying to create, and for getting you in alignment on your path and your connection with the universe/ source.

Crystals and Healing

Image by Dan Farrell

Crystals are beautiful magical little pieces of Mother Nature we can use as a tool, a bit like aromatherapy to help support our wellbeing. They are alive, just like plants and animals, and the more love we give them, the more they are able to support us.

Crystals, unlike humans have a static and fixed molecular structure, that holds their unique energy field. Humans have a fluctuating energy field, based on our emotions, illness and what is going on in our lives at that time, and this is why crystals are incredible. They are excellent absorbers of negative, low vibrational energy and like a magnet, they can absorb our negative emotional discharge. Crystals are also great at amplifying energy, and as their frequency is naturally higher than our own, they can support us, by raising our energy and ‘uplifting’ us. They are wonderful pieces of technology and hold crystalline codes. I absolutely love crystals and their energies. Crystals are amazing at protecting too, and helping to hold and increase healing energy, during an energy healing session. They work with our chakra’s, the Sanskrit name given to the spinning energy field’s we have within our bodies that connect our meridians, nerves and major organs, and they  help to balance them, to ensure the energy in our body is flowing, at its optimum level.

I incorporate healing crystals with energy healing work because, like different medicines for different aliments, they can enhance the healing experience.

“Jade is a truly blessed healer. I have had approximately 6-8 sessions with her over the last few years, some face to face, some remotely but in each session I have felt the energy Jade invokes, flow through me.  Her ability to connect and truly see what is going on inside, is a true and special gift. I cannot recommend her highly enough. ❤️ 
This is why I have Jade as my 'go-to' healer. Jade is a superstar. A true believer.”

Danny Lineham


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