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About my work

Our stories do not define us, they teach us and everyone’s story is unique and individual and we are all different. I am here to serve all with my gifts. It is my soul purpose to guide you on your path.

I will empower you.

I lead with love.

I heal with love.

I am an energy healer and intuitive channel. I will tune in for the answers, and guide you through your journey. You are ultimately your own healer, and your willingness to improve your wellbeing is key, to transform your life.

A spiritual alchemist and visionary. I am the bridge between the ‘seen’ and ‘unseen’ worlds. I see the world as alive and read the subtle frequencies of nature and energy.

I am a nature medium, a woman of the earth, who knows her roots, and continues to walk my walk. I notice the beauty of life and the subtle hand that creates life. I feel most alive, when I am being true to my soul, and surrounded by the whistling trees, the flowing river, the birdsong, the sun warming my face.

I am here to shine my light to open you to your path, your light.

I will remind you that you of your power, that you are nature, the divine matrix of life is all around  and within you. You, are the very fabric of creation. The essence of life is in the air you breathe, your fire within, your spark of life.  I open you to the ancient wisdom your cells hold.

I have learnt to surrender, and to trust in something greater than myself. The hand that guides. I have learnt, that, when life is 'hard', we are in the greatest place for our growth and it won't last forever.

I have studied the energetics and mechanics of this world, the Universal Laws. 

I have faced myself, my pain, my heart breaks, my trauma. I have undergone initiation after initiation, rebirth after rebirth. I continue to do so.

My heart is open, tender, and full of love.

I am comfortable with my shadow, it is a part of my story. I accept who I am.

To experience the light, you must be willing to face the dark too. To welcome it all, for, it is all part of the whole. The path of illumination is the path between. The place of neutrality.

There are times when I thought I was being crushed in pain and it felt unbearable. When the grief almost burst my heart, when I was lost, a shell of a person,  weary, and tired of this life. I wanted to give up, end it.

I have broken and not known the answers, there have been times, I have been on my knees, sobbing, begging for help, my most desperate.

Trust me, I have been there. I have cracked open time and time again. I have been crushed by life and at times, it’s cruelty. Misunderstood, abused, and hurt by life.

However, when I have felt nature was being a cruel mistress, life was unfair, and the pressure has been too much, those are the times I have learnt my greatest lessons, and taken responsibility.

There is humility and peace in the stillness, when you sit in your pain and face yourself. No longer running from your own shadow, no distractions, seeing the truth, all of it warts and all and accepting what you see.


In those moments, when I have been out of alignment with my truth and my path, nature has guided me home, back to my heart, my soul, my own inner wisdom.

When you feel empty, numb inside, and cannot take any more, I will hold your hand and walk your walk with you.  I’ve got you and you’ve got yourself. You are stronger than you think. ‘This too shall pass’.

You will be okay and it is okay, if you need to pause and the world feels too much.


Shepperton, Surrey, London

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